Samantha Standring-Brown, born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England in 1965, is currently based in Halifax, Calderdale. Her artworks are coveted by private collectors across Britain, France, and Spain, showcasing a diverse reach and resonance.

Previous exhibition locations, include JCT 600;Porce Masarati Ferrari, and Lotus, Leeds. Tiatros Shaftsbury Avenue, London. Flavignac festival, Limougues, France. La Granuille and Marina Salinas in Torrevecca Costa Blanca, Spain, Sams Art Studio, The Piece Hall in Halifax, and have served as prominent platforms for her artistic expression. In 2024, she has returned to The Loose Goose Inn, Sowerby Bridge for a 2nd prodject residency.

Sam's distinctive painting style is characterized by a loose, impressionist approach using acrylics in layers. She skillfully employs different hues, transparencies, and finishes to create a sense of depth. Notably, the background in her pieces often holds, significance to the subject, contributing to the dreamlike quality and spacial intention that defines her work.